Scaling ecommerce experiences

Aesop's digital footprint is extensive, with over 23 localized e-commerce sites globally. In response to the increased importance of digital channels—highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic—Aesop recognised the need for an e-commerce solution that could quickly scale across new market entries, 2x faster than it's current hybris commerce sites.

I was responsible for the the end-to-end e-commerce redesign and development and supported the rollout to 4 countries with localisation and created a CX toolkit to empower local teams.

Digital product strategy
End-to-end e-commerce redesign
Front-end development
Merchandising guidelines
Global rollout to 6 countries


Months from kickoff to delivery


Higher conversion within 2 weeks of launching


Decrease in bounce rates


Higher average units ordered


Higher average units ordered


Higher total sales

Girl holding the AR app on a tablet device

Embracing a minimal lovable product strategy

With tight time lines and few resources, I zeroed in on what truly mattered for our digital experience by embracing the minimal lovable product strategy. This strategy was about crafting an experience that, even in its simplest form, customers would find hi-touch, authentic and seamless. I prioritise core patterns and performance features, utilising flexible and modular layouts that could adaptively serve content, whilst providing individual markets enough flexibility to merchandised and localise according to their trade calendars.

Enhancing product discovery for new visitors

As these sites would serve new and emerging markets, optimising the product discovery experience for new visitors was paramount. With a global average of 60% of traffic being new visitors, this percentage would likely be larger in new markets.

To address this, I dedicated significant effort to enhancing the navigation, search, and filtering capabilities. Customers could explore products based on categories, themes, skin types, and ingredient preferences, enabling a more tailored browsing experience from the outset.

I also reimagined the the category discover pages to be more than just a list of products; and were designed to intrigue and entice. One of the standout features was the image rollover effect, which provided a more tactile and immersive experience, giving visitors a real sense of each product's form and texture.

Elevated mobile browsing

Recognising the significance of mobile, particularly in Asia we 90% of traffic was mobile, I revamped the UI to introduce a two-column layout to allow customers to browse more efficiently, significantly reducing interaction cost and enabling easier scanning.

Distilling product confidence

Shopping at Aesop involves a conversation. Each consultant is trained to discover individual needs and offer tailored product recommendations. As such, the content strategy was built to mirror Aesop's in store conversational product guidance and high-touch customer service. How-to videos explain products just like an Aesop skincare expert would, with detailed information about usage. Moreover, I refined product pages to streamline the decision-making process, prioritising clear, accessible information and visual details—from high-resolution images to comprehensive descriptions—enhancing user engagement and facilitating informed purchases.

Highlighting Aesop’s unique customer experience

To ensure that our digital presence supported new store openings, the site had the dual purpose of also celebrating the unique stories behind each of our stores. When you visit a store page, you're not just browsing products; you're getting an insight into the store's philosophy and what sets them apart in the market..

Digital product content guidelines

To streamline governance, provide best-practice and ensure brand alignment, I developed a toolkit that featured set-up guides, and extensive product content guidelines to ensure our design patterns, tone of voice and art direction could be executed by existing and new distributer partners.

Digital content guidelines introduction pageDigital content guidelines design system pageProject digital content guidelinesProject digital content guidelinesProject digital content guidelinesProject digital content guidelines

In retrospect, this project underscored the importance of flexibility and scalability in product thinking, marking a significant milestone in my journey as a strategic product designer. The design and development of Aesop's Shopify experience proved transformative in expanding our brand's digital footprint and empowering our regional teams. The creation of a robust digital experience and toolkit enabled swift market entry, whilst my holistic approach ensured a balance between the end customer experience and internal stakeholder needs and commercial targets.